David X. Wu



I’m broadly interested in machine learning theory and problems at the intersection of optimization, statistics, and theoretical computer science. I recently graduated from MIT with a double major in mathematics (Course 18) and computer science (Course 6-3). In the fall I’ll be starting my CS Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, where I’ll be supported by an NSF GRFP fellowship.


May 28, 2022 I graduated from MIT with a double major in 18 and 6-3. Thank you to all my friends, family, and mentors!
May 4, 2022 Our paper on random dot product graph inference was accepted to SIOPT!
Apr 15, 2022 I will be heading to UC Berkeley for my CS Ph.D. in the fall, supported by a NSF GRFP fellowship!

selected publications

  1. Maximum A Posteriori Inference of Random Dot Product Graphs via Conic Programming
    Wu, David X, Palmer, David R, and Deford, Daryl R
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.02180 2021